Sunday, August 3, 2008

At least no one can argue whether or not this was the finest crew in the fleet!

I recently felt compelled to go the Sci-Fi Channel website to see when the remaining episodes of the last season of Battlestar Galatica are going to be aired. Sci-Fi likes to place shows like this on Fridays 'cause, well, apparently the audience likes it more edgy on Fridays. And yet with Stargate Atlantis the only show currently airing new episodes on Fridays right now, I was and am curious as to who will be paired with Battlestar Galactica on Fridays when it comes back for the last segment, so to speak. I found it odd that the only information provided was that there would be new episodes coming soon. Of course, I know that this means little because they haven’t aired any trailers form upcoming episodes and Sci-Fi always heavily promotes new episodes of popular shows. While there, I watched the trailer for Caprica, which is a prequel series set a generation before the current series. While I am very much looking for ward to this show, the trailer didn’t portray it to be anything like BSG and I didn’t see one “Toaster,” although they mentioned a cloned person. Perhaps NBC plans to have the end of BSG air in the fall and then Caprica start right on it’s heals to carry the audience over. Regardless of what they do, the writers, producers, and actors are going have a really hard time filling the shoes of Battlestar Galatica. Several years back when Sci-Fi announced that they were making a mini-series based on the original show, science fiction fans laughed it off. How could anyone recreate such an iconic show? The show's two biggest stars had different takes as well. Dirk Benedict (Starbuck) thought it was great, and he seemed to love that the new Starbuck was a woman. Richard Hatch, (Apollo) on the other hand wasn't so keen on the idea. Whether he felt insulted or just didn't like it, who knows, but after a while even he gave in and became a regular on the show when it became a series, albeit not as Apollo. After the two-part mini-series, there was a lot of buzz about a possible show, but Sci-Fi didn’t confirm anything. A year later they began to air trailers for the series and four seasons later, millions of American speculated that it may be the best overall science fiction series ever. I personally think that such a moniker shouldn’t be given to shows that are still on the air and only time will tell. No one really cared about Firefly until the show had been off the air for a couple of years. Now there are a lot of fans and sales of the series on DVD were so good that Serenity was made. If all those fans had been around to watch when the show was on Fox, it may not have been cancelled after 13 episodes. That all being said, I think I’ll wait reserve judgment for Caprica until it actually airs and will judge BSG’s place in history, well, when it is history.