Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The West Beverly gang is back, well sort of!

As most of you know, I was pretty big on the political bandwagons the past couple of weeks. With all the convention activity, most networks stayed away from airing any new television episodes or show pilots, everyone except for The CW. Yes, that little network that has such mellow dramatic hits as Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and Supernatural. Given the roots of FOX and then UPN, The CW was long-rumored to be ready to air the new 90210 series, to lukewarm fanfare. Why lukewarm? Why not? Beverly Hills 90210 was a staple hit of the early 90’s and had 10 pretty darned successful seasons, but why try to remake the show? Ah ha, money. Gotcha!

Well, West Beverly High is back and much raunchier than ever. Now let’s get one things straight; I’m a 90210 fan. It was on when I was in high school and then college. I related to some of the situations and characters, but for the long of all that’s hold, if any teen can related to what’s going on in the new version, we need some serious parenting shows to take over. That’s right, I’ve watched the pilot to the new series and I think they totally overdid it. Too much glam and lights for anyone, in my opinion. The new show has a potentially strong cast of characters and some have some vague similarities to the original, but the casting of Brenda and Kelly is odd to me without the others. I mean how can you have this show without Steve Sanders? Sure, some would argue that Dylan or Brandon were more important, but we all had our favorites. My question is whether the target audience will take hold of these characters like we did 16 years ago. If not, the show is sunk, but I can’t really opine as it’s pretty much a different generation.